Rendring Equipments


MEATEK designs, develops and supplies both processes and equipment that help you face your challenges. Our solutions focus on efficient utilization of raw materials and energy, as well as on product quality, regulatory compliance and environmental impact.By-products such as meat, bone and fat is part of your processing setup, an indirect steam-heated Meatek Continuous Cooker can help you improve both operating efficiency and profit margins from such inputs.Designed to use steam pressures of up to 10 bar, our designs provide capacities from 1,000 kg/hour up to 10,000 kg/hour and you can easily adjust cooking temperatures to match the specifics of your particular processing requirements and the raw material specifications you have available.



Batch cooker setup for pressure cooking, hydrolysis or drying a wide range of cattle, hog, and poultry by-products.

Making sure there is no water left in the input material is crucial prior to fat separation. This makes an effective cooker vital for any batch-based dry rendering process to operate profitably.

The Meatek Batch Cooker is quick-to-install unit that you can use for the cooking, pressure cooking, hydrolysis or drying of an exceptional range of animal and poultry by-products. These include mixed meat offal and bones, poultry offal and wet feathers.


Applicable for:


Screw Press provides highly effective mechanical extraction of the fat content from cooked and dried animal and poultry by-products, in a continuous flow. This enables you to achieve a hard cake with a low fat content.As the greaves pass along the single conical screw, the fat is pressed out into the surrounding enclosure, and the greaves are discharged as press cake. The fat (along with any solids – often known as fines) runs into a collector trough, where a screw moves it to the outlet.
These solidly built units are simple but effective, ensuring maximum reliability and low service and maintenance costs. Two different models are currently available:

  • STD model with hydraulically adjustable choke in the outlet
  • Longer, high-capacity model with fewer moving parts and no choke in the outlet


This is a complete system, featuring a conveyor under the platform on which the hammer mill is mounted, and an extractor fan that draws air through the system, keeping everything cool and evacuating dust to a self-cleaning filter bag.It is a very efficient solution that uses a much smaller motor than most other comparable systems, running cooler and using less energy.
Complete system for grinding meal that’s relatively brittle after drying.
  • Installed after a dryer in wet rendering processes
  • Installed after a press in dry rendering processes


Pre-breaker is particularly rugged and hardwearing, designed for breaking down complete carcasses as well as all types of offal and bones from meat and poultry slaughterhouses, so they can be used more effectively in rendering processes.Pre-breakers are used for the initial breaking down of input material to particles over 30 mm in size. They are ideal as a first stage prior to crushers, enabling you to align these initial steps with overall efficiency requirements for your process, based on particle size.The low-speed breaker shaft makes sure the unit can deal with any foreign objects (such as metal) in the input material. You can select motor size and breaker shaft speed based on the amount of material you need to break down, and the output capacity you require. This helps keep operating costs down.

First stage after material bins

  • Installed upstream from crushers, fine crushers, etc.
  • In any kind of rendering processes