Sheep Restrainer with Halal Table

Sheep Restrainer is designed to transport the animal to the slaughter point smoothly.

The rotary boxes are designed to enable sheep and goats to be slaughtered efficiently and ergonomically at various capacities and sizes.
This program includes ritual killing boxes, certified for halal and kosher slaughtering.

The sheep and goat are easily driven from the lairage area to the rotary box or sheep restrainer and are discharged by means of a unique integrated active discharge mechanism.

The animals fall out of the slaughter rotary box precisely onto the landing platform for shackling. The box is designed for high speed slaughter maintaining regulation of animal welfare and management as per EU norms and for countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Middle-East, Israel.

It is made in SS-304 with restrainers and pneumatic doors for easy and fast operation.

These are two types of sheep restrainer:

  1. Fixed Restrainer (150 Heads per hour)
  2. Motorized Restrainer(250 heads per hour)


  1. Pneunatic Controlled Door
  2. Stainless Steel (304 Grade) Halal table.
  3. Stainless Steel (304 Grade ) Frame Structure.

Bleeding Line

The bleeding line is designed for complete bleeding of animal on the automatic conveyor for a duration of 10-15 min according to International Standards(IS)


  1. Hot Dip Galvanized Structure.
  2. Motorized Line Flat Rail System.
  3. The Bleeding Line is Custom Designed as per the client’s requirements.

Dressing Line

The dressing line is designed as per International Standards(IS) to complete the slaughtering process of the animal within 10-15 min.


  1. Hot dip galvanized structure.
  2. Pneumatic leg changing system(from bleeding line to dressing line).
  3. Motorized conveyor with the flat rail system.
  4. Sensor controlled carcass movement.
  5. Fixed platforms for hind(upper back) part preparation.
  6. Fixed/mobile platforms for fore(front) part preparation.

Leg Preparation Platform

All platforms are made of stainless steel (304 Grade) with aluminum checkered plate along with sterilizer and washbasin for every platform.

Leg Changing Platform

Leg Changing system comes with automatic leg changing system along with stainless steel platform having sterilizer and washbasin.

Pre skinning Platform/Station

A process in which the hide is prepared to be either sock removed from the animal carcass without cutting the hide.

Sheep Hide Puller

  • Hide puller is built for both strength and speed. The machine has a capacity of up to 100-200 heads per hour. The hide is pulled off cleanly and efficiently from the carcass without any damage. Uniform hide is preferred by tanners and hide processors.
    Our unique design product comes complete with hydraulic motor, stainless steel(304 Grade) revolving roller, galvanized framework,hide chute and stainless steel (304 Grade) platforms for butchers to perform trimming with special knives so that there is no chance for either carcass or hide to get damaged during the process delivering high quality.


  1. The Stainless steel rotary system is attached with two stainless steel puller arms.
  2. The structure is hot dip galvanized.
  3. The entire assembly goes down by a hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder.
  4. The drum motion is controlled by low voltage electric controls.
  5. The hydraulic system is powered by the hydraulic power pack.

Sheep Head And Red Offal Conveyor

  • Head & Red Offal Conveyor System is used for hanging Red Ofal & Head. This conveyor is synchronized in such a way that the head & Red Offal of the respective animal moves along with the carcass so that all the parts of an animal are inspected successfully at the same time.


  1. Hot dip galvanized frame work with custom designed chain.
  2. Stainless steel hooks with hook sterilization system.
  3. motorized conveyor with 5hp gear motor.

Evisceration Station

Evisceration is a process of removing white Offal from an animal carcass.

Evisceration Station is available in two types:

  1. Automatic Viscera Conveyor.
  2. Pneumatic Viscera Chute.


  1. Fixed Viscera Chute.
  2. Fixed Platform.
  3. Pneumatic Controlled Sequence System for Viscera Inspection.

Doctors Inspection


  1. Pneumatic Platform for complete inspection of the sheep carcass.
  2. Fixed Doctors inspection platform for viscera.
  3. Fixed Doctors inspection platform for head and offal.

Trimming And Washing Platform

  • At trimming and washing platform the animal is first trimmed then washed throughly.
    We also provide automatic sheep carcass washing station.

De-Boning & Chiller Line

  • The Chiller Line is custom design as per the client’s requirements following the international standards.

The Chiller and De-Boning Line structure is hot dip galvanized & are available in two types:

  1. Automatic Chiller and De-Boning conveyor system
  2. Manual Chiller and De-Boning conveyor system.