Meat Processing Industries

MEATEK is renowned among the top Meat Processing Industries in Canada. A team of brilliant designers created the product we’re offering, using only premium materials and cutting-edge equipment. This product line is in high demand because to its qualities, which include hassle-free operation, durability, efficiency, sturdy construction, and low maintenance requirements. We collaborate closely with our customers as a team of professionals to systematise and deliver the best goods in accordance with their unique needs.

MEATEK designs, develops and supplies both processes and equipment that help you face your challenges. Our solutions focus on efficient utilization of raw materials and energy, as well as on product quality, regulatory compliance and environmental impact. By-products such as meat, bone and fat is part of your processing setup, an indirect steam-heated Meatek Continuous Cooker can help you improve both operating efficiency and profit margins from such inputs. Designed to use steam pressures of up to 10 bar, our designs provide capacities from 1,000 kg/hour up to 10,000 kg/hour and you can easily adjust cooking temperatures to match the specifics of your particular processing requirements and the raw material specifications you have available.