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A good slaughter house begins and ends with quality equipment. Your business can only be as good as the slaughterhouse machinery equipment it runs on.

We are solution for your abattoir machinery equipment

We present you with professionally designed cattle slaughterhouse machines for large animals. Most of them are made from stainless steel (304 Grade) and are designed especially to process meat.

We have designed our bone and meat cutting machine to equip you with quality slaughterhouse tools machinery so as to get good results with meat processing units. These mechanical cattle slaughter tools & machines maximize efficiency and ensure that your customers receive fresh, quality meat on a consistent basis.

We are the best cattle slaughter machine manufacturers.

Below is the slaughterhouse equipment list of our products for abattoir’s.

double rotary halal box slaughterhouse equipment


A mechanical, pressure-driven and automatically controlled device for knocking cattle over the neck. The operative surface to which the cattle are transported is of high quality plastic with non-slip properties. The rotation and tilt movement of the blades can be adjusted by conveniently located adjusting elements.

The slaughtering equipment is manufactured from high-quality steel, which is galvanized for corrosion resistance. The equipment is designed for the ritual slaughtering of animals in accordance with Islamic dietary law.

This is a very popular, efficient and labor-saving! The most widely used and most productive of slaughtering equipment. It can be used for slaugher nearly 50 cattles per hour, which is similar to the output of a pair of halal knocker and a table.



It is mainly used for knocking cattle in a continuous and automatic way in halal slaughtering lines. It has led to a reduction in the rate of halal non-compliant products, an increase in the rate of halal compliant products, and an increase in efficiency.

The double rotary Halal knocking box is a system of two knocking boxes that are connected with a tunnel. The animals are being knocked unconscious in the first knocking box and after the bleeding and scalding process they are transported to the second knocking box by means of an overhead conveyor system.

The blades are also completely halal-compliant for the Muslim market, so you never have to worry about meeting your customers’ religious needs.

double rotary type box slaughterhouse equipment
stainless-steel-landing-grate slaughterhouse equipment


The landing grate is a critical part of a slaughterhouse. It is the first step in the process of livestock becoming food, and it must be built to be durable and long-lasting.

Landing grate is installed in the slaughterhouse to separate the blood and other liquid from the solid waste. It is installed in the floor outlet, so that the blood and other liquid can flow through the grate while keeping solid waste on top.

The main purpose of installing a landing grate is to keep solid waste out of the drain system. The grate is also called a draining grate or a grating system.

Investing in good landing grates is important because they will ensure that your operations can continue without interruption or slowdowns. Landing grates are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust, making them easy to clean. They are designed with high-tensile strength, so they won’t bend or warp over time. And their size can be customized for any number of animals at once, so you’ll never have to worry about turning away clients due to lack of space.

At Meatek, we understand that you need a product that’s going to stand up to whatever comes its way—whether it’s water, chemicals, or other substances. Our landing grates are designed for durability and longevity so that you can keep your operations running smoothly without worrying about breakdowns or maintenance issues. We stand behind every product we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


The lifting hoist in a slaughterhouse can be used to lift all kinds of cattle. The hoist has a strong chain, which is appropriate for all kinds of livestock.

The lifting hoist in the slaughterhouse is one of the essential parts of the entire process. The hoist is used to take the animal from an unloading ramp to a standing position on the killing floor. The hoist must be able to lift animals that weigh up to 500 pounds, or more. It must also be able to handle animals that do not want to be lifted, have sharp horns, and are wet and slippery.

The hoist is made from high-quality materials that will stand up to the demands of a wet environment and the caustic materials used in the cleaning process. It is designed with a claw that can easily grasp the animal’s legs without hurting them. The claw is strong enough to keep a struggling animal from ripping it out of its housing.

Lifting hoists are generally made of stainless steel, which prevents rusting and allows for easy cleaning. However, if you prefer a different type of material, you may choose to have your hoist made out of aluminum or composite components (but note that these materials are not as durable).

motorized lifting hoist slaughterhouse equipments
bleeding line conveyer slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer


In slaughterhouses, the bleeding line is a conveyor belt with hooks for hanging carcasses.

The bleeding line is always the first stage in slaughtering after stunning.

Animals are hung there by their hind legs and bled out. Bleeding is carried out by making an incision in the jugular vein with a knife.

The carcass is then sent to the evisceration line where it is cut open so that intestines and internal organs can be removed.


The slaughterhouse presents a unique challenge when it comes to switching legs. It’s difficult to move cattle from one conveyor belt to another without losing any of their body parts, most notably their legs. The solution is our Leg Changing System (LCS).

Operators use a remote control to switch the cattle’s legs while they’re still on the conveyor belt. The LCS works by using different frequencies in each leg to tell the cattle which leg should be moved to which side of the conveyor belt. For example, if a cattle’s left leg is on the “right” frequency, it will know that its left leg needs to move to the conveyor belt on its right.

Consumers are more likely to buy cattle with their legs intact, so this system benefits not just the slaughterhouse operator but also consumers themselves. This system can help improve your bottom line and make your customers happy.

leg changing system slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer
dressing line slaughterhouse equipment


The Meatek line of dressing lines is the most efficient and advanced line in the industry. It comes with a team of experienced engineers who can help you upgrade your current systems, as well as train your staff on how to use the new systems. The line has an efficiency rating of 98%, meaning that it processes 98% of all products that go through it. The line comes with:

  • An automatic sorting system that eliminates human error
  •  A fully automated cleaning system that is built into the line itself.
  • A fully stocked parts closet to reduce downtime.


The Meatek dressing line is an automated conveyer system that moves animals through the dressing process with ease.


The main component of the leg cutting platform is a stationary conveyor with a built-in cutting table. The conveyor is made from aluminum. It has a surface made from corrugated plastic, rubber or other material that can be cleaned easily and does not damage the carcass. The cutting table surface is made from stainless steel and is equipped with drainage to prevent pools of liquid accumulating on the surface.

The meat hook is suspended from an overhead track system and moves at a fixed speed of one carcass per minute into the platform, where it stops for workers to cut off the legs. The legs are then dropped onto a chute for further processing.

The meat hook moves forward as each worker cuts off a pair of legs, and another carcass moves in to take its place. Workers stand on either side of the conveyor and cut away at the ligaments connecting the knee joint to the thigh bone so they can remove both legs cleanly in one go.

Each worker has their own cutting station; they use knives to detach the leg, then press down on a pedal to release it into the chute.

leg cutting and changing platform slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer
front hide opening platform slaughterhouse equipment


When you need to protect your workers from cuts and lacerations, Meatek’s front hide opening in slaughterhouse is the ultimate system. This unit has a pneumo-hydraulic shuttle that gently moves the hides off of cattle for you.

The unit is engineered with an automatic positioning system that adjusts to your needs as you need them. Both the shuttle and positioning system are protected by high-grade stainless steel guards, ensuring your team’s safety.

The front hook we offer is designed to be installed in a position that makes it easy for an employee to hook cattle during the front process of preparation.

This hook is made with a heavy-duty, non-pinching steel design that ensures an animal is not harmed during the hooking process, which helps meet the goal of zero injury to livestock during slaughter.


With our large-scale production line, a strong focus on safety, and a commitment to efficiency, we provide a platform that removes the anal glands of numerous animals at once.

Our equipment is designed to meet the needs of our customers by providing high quality products and services that are unique to their needs. We take pride in being an innovative company that works to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We have a variety of tools to accomplish this, including a series of products that minimize the amount of time it takes for workers to remove anal areas from cattle.

These tools can be used manually for smaller operations or can be connected with automated systems for large slaughterhouses. We also offer training programs for your staff so that they can use our tools effectively and safely.

cattle anal removing platform slaughterhouse equipment
hide puller slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer


The hide puller is a tool used in slaughterhouses to remove the pelt or hide of an animal. It is made of a long metal pole with a claw at one end, similar to the design of a nutcracker.

After an animal has been slaughtered, it is hung upside-down on a conveyor belt or hoist. The hide puller is used to strip the hide off the carcass by pulling on the edges and pulling it down over the body.

With the Hide Puller, you can move up to four hides at a time, with a single operator. This machine removes the hides in a single stroke, which reduces stress on the animal and makes your job easier.


The Meatek head and red offal conveyor system is used for the transportation of pig and cattle heads, tongue, heart, liver, etc. in a slaughterhouse.

This conveyor system features a special head clamping device attached to the chain belt, allowing safe transportation of heads or red offal while preventing them from falling over. The clamping device is also equipped with an adjustable height function to accommodate different depths of containers during transportation.

The conveyor is made of high-quality stainless steel material. The foot pedal allows operators to raise and lower the height of the conveyor on demand. The loading side of the conveyor is provided with a safety door to prevent accidents during transportation.

head and red offal remover slaughterhouse equipment
brisket opening platform stainless steel slaughterhouse equipment


A brisket is a cut of meat that comes from the chest area of the cow.

The Brisket Opening Platform is a cutting implement intended for use in the opening of a brisket in a slaughterhouse. The Brisket Opening Platform is meant to ease the strain on a worker’s hand by providing a more ergonomic grip and requiring less force on the part of the user when inserting the blade into the meat.

The Brisket-Opener Tool, or BOT, is a handheld tool that is designed to be used by butchers and slaughterhouse workers to open and clean brisket.

The BOT makes opening up a cow’s ribcage a breeze, and it’s so simple to use that anyone can do it. Not only does the BOT cut down on the time you spend during each operation, it also increases the efficiency of your workers by letting them perform tasks they just couldn’t handle without it.


This evisceration platform is a great way to streamline the evisceration process in your slaughterhouse. It’s made of durable metal that will last, and it’s easy to clean. When you’re ready to move on to another part of the slaughtering process, just take the platform down and put it back up when you’re ready to start again.

The evisceration platform is used in the final stage of processing. This is when the carcass of the animal is dressed, which includes removing all unwanted parts such as the intestines, heart, lungs, and other organs.

Because of the Meatek Evisceration Platform’s unique design, it can be assembled or disassembled quickly and easily. This allows us to have several platforms available for use so that employees do not have to wait for a free platform when they are ready to begin their work.

Our evisceration platform is a one-of-a-kind tool that makes it possible for you to perform quick and efficient eviscerations in your slaughterhouse, turning out clean, ready-to-cook meat in record time.

evisceration platform slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer
viscera conveyor slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer


Our product was developed with the slaughterhouse industry in mind. Slaughterhouses are busy places, and they need to be able to process livestock quickly and efficiently. Our viscera conveyor, which can be customized to your needs, allows you to do just that.

Our viscera conveyor is designed to replace the manual steps that occur after an animal has been slaughtered and gutted. This stage of production is traditionally done by hand, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Our viscera conveyor expedites the process by allowing carcasses to be automatically moved through the facility while they are being cleaned. It’s a simple system that can be customized to fit your exact needs—with either one or two belts, each belt coated in a non-slip material for safety.

The meat industry is growing fast and we’re here for it—our products allow you to keep up with demand without having to hire additional staffers who will have to be trained on how to do all of these tasks by hand. Take advantage of technology, and let us help you optimize your slaughterhouse today!


Sanitation is a crucial part of food production, and there are many reasons why it is necessary to thoroughly inspect meat processing plants to ensure that they are following the proper procedures.

Meatek provides slaughterhouses with a platform for doctors to inspect animals. The whole platform is synchronized in a way to facilitate the inspection of all the parts of the cattle simultaneously.

With the Doctor Inspection Platform, you can:

– Track animal health as they move through your facility,

– Tag animals with RFID technology,

– Check on animals as they enter and exit each stage of your facility,

– Check on animal health at each stage of your facility,

carcass splitting platform slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer
quartering station slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer


The quartering station with platform in slaughterhouse is a new type of equipment used for cattle, sheep and other animal carcasses. This product is made of high quality stainless steel. It has a variety of advantages such as: high efficiency, sanitation and safety, durable, easy to clean, convenient operation and long service life.

This product is widely used in the slaughtering process of large-scale slaughterhouses. It can be used to separate the head from the body after the animal is slaughtered. This product can also be used for skinning animals and separating parts of their bodies.

The quartering station with platform in slaughterhouse has been put into use by many meat processing enterprises around the world and achieved great success.


Quartering chiller is a part of the meat processing industry. A quartering chiller is used to quickly and evenly lower the temperature of large cuts of meat. This cooling process preserves the meat’s quality and prevents bacteria from forming.

A chiller or De-boning line is a machine used to remove bones from a carcass, during the processing of meat.

The chiller and de-boning line in the slaughterhouse is a process where the meat is chilled, deboned and cut into pieces. It runs from the back of the slaughter department to the front of the cutting department.

deboning conveyor slaughterhouse equipment manufacturer
trimming and washing platform slaughterhouse equipment


The Trimming and Washing Platform is an essential component of a successful slaughterhouse. It allows workers to remove debris and dirt from the animal carcass, and at the same time, it is a significant point for ensuring that the carcass is of optimal weight before proceeding to the next phase of processing.

We have designed our platform to be large enough to accommodate the carcasses that are being worked on, but not so large that it takes up too much space in the already small slaughterhouse. Our platform is able to withstand heavy loads of animal carcasses, as well as any additional weight that may be present due to water or other liquids. This platform is durable enough to handle repeated use over time, as well as easy enough to clean after each use.

Our trimming and washing platform is an easy-to-use solution for all of your needs in the slaughterhouse, from pre-rigor line trimming to post-rigor washing. The platform can be adjusted for any carcass size and weight.

Why Meatek For Slaughterhouse Machinery Tools?

Slaughter houses are one of the most important institutions in any meat processing procedure. In a slaughter house, livestock is first stunned and then slaughtered for the purpose of obtaining their meat.

As a matter of fact, slaughter houses are usually the central units in a chain of production and distribution of high-quality meat products, which include both live cattle and either live or dead poultry or other forms of livestock.

Slaughterhouse equipment is a specialized type of machinery and equipment used in the production of meat and other animal products. Choosing the right equipment is crucial if you want to start or improve a slaughterhouse.

How do you make sure your rendering facilities are efficient and that your equipment is cutting edge without breaking the bank? We understand that each and every facility is unique, which is why we take the time to really get to know our customers. As an industry leader in meat products processing, we can accommodate all of your rendering needs.

Modern cattle slaughterhouses use a variety of innovative equipment for various purposes. These include for animal handling, stunning/stunning equipment and monitoring, restraint, and meat recovery systems.

We offer quality equipment’s for the meat industry around the world. Get all the latest slaughterhouse equipment designed for efficiency and best performance from the leading slaughter house equipment manufacturers.

We are based in the India and was set up by Mr. Haroon, who worked in the meat industry for over 40 years and has been at the forefront of some of the most innovative and exciting products to enter the meat and slaughterhouse market.

Meatek has been running since 2004 and developed slaughterhouses around the globe over the years.

Meatek specializes in providing the meat slaughtering industry with equipment and supplies. With over 40 years experience in providing services to the meat industry we are the first choice for many abattoirs and butchers.

We have a range of new and used goods to suit any size budget and can provide you with a value added service. We are specialist in designing, supplying and installing Halal knocking box systems and we are the market leaders in supplying and installing Landing Grates.